Easy methods to dynamically initialize any arguments in Ruby ?

The implementation under may be very to hand when you’re you aren’t actually enthusiastic about a host or a top quality of arguments you’re surroundings (possibly you’re prototyping ? eating third celebration API ?)
Lovely Easy, here’s the code :

elegance MPB
  def initialize(*args)
    args[0].every do |key,price|
      singleton_class.class_eval { attr_accessor "#{key}" }
      eval("@#{key} = "#{price}"")
     # then again you'll use this helper:  instance_variable_set("@#{key}", price) 

mpb = MPB.new(creator: 'Anatoly', identify: 'Easy methods to dynamically initialize args',frame: "Learn Extra!")

p mpb
# => #<MPB:0x00007f81fc0af250 @creator="Anatoly", @identify="Easy methods to dynamically initialize args", @frame="Learn Extra!">


Fast Rationalization what  am I doing right here:

initialize() permits us to obtain *args, which fives us a  Hash from arguments that you’re passing to it. I’m going via this hash and create example variable of each hash key, then I assign price to this hash key. Utterly dynamic. I additionally create attribute_accessor on a fly so I may learn and write to any of the ones example variables.

Notice: There are edge circumstances now not lined right here, do be certain it really works in your specific scenario, however I feel it is a just right get started.



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