Of little toddlers and Turtles: Listed below are the 8 funniest tweets of the week

Illustration of Twitter bird with screenshot of tweet about woman who ate cake

We are a couple of weeks into 2023 and by some means, by hook or by crook Twitter remains to be right here.

Positive, it appeared love it could be loss of life. And sure, it is getting worse. However good day, there are nonetheless some excellent tweets in the market.

In order that’s great. That is one thing.

Anyway, like all the time, we gathered probably the most absolute best and funniest tweets of the week so that you can experience. Sit down again, loosen up, and feature a snort at those posts.

1.Precisely. Every now and then you simply need to feed an apple to a horse.

2. I’m hitting bad ranges of “fuck it, we ball.”

3. Some other people simply don’t query this very horrifying reality.

4. Heroes stroll amongst us. They give the impression of being similar to you and me.

5. I hate myself for snorting on the punchline right here, however bet what? That is what I did.

6. Papyrus hive, now could be our time.

7. An mandatory dril tweet.

8. And in the end, a fact about little toddlers. They certain as hell do toddle. Thats like every they do.

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